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Team Work

At MaKe, we deliver unique brand experiences through innovation, strategy & attention to detail. We help brands grow and achieve their business goals by delivering the best marketing & communication strategies. We have years of experience working with both multinational brands and startup brands.

What We Do.

we focus on making both engaging and compelling content that transforms businesses and revolutionizes identities.


We walk your customers through a digital world by providing you with social media strategies, account management, web and app design/development, and with engaging content that gets people treating your brand as their favorite waakye joint.
Thereby building true fans of your brand.


No true brand is built without a foundation. And for every brand or business, having a strategy is key and essential to the growth of your business. Whether you are new or evolving, we will be with you through every step and decision, tailoring your goals to be in sync with your needs. Therefore you’ll be paying us for a strategy that pays you. Now how cool is that.


A logo is just the icing on the cake, but we always bake a full cake to go with the best icing. Expressing a brand’s personality is always our top priority & we aim always to establish a differentiated presence in the marketplace that attracts loyal customers


An image they say is a 1000 words. Which better way therefore can we tell your brand stories than taking it via another dimension through photography, motion design, animation and video production. Let your customers or clients believe in your brand even more through this storytelling phase.

Feel Free To Be Crazy.

You think that idea is crazy? That’s what we like. Don’t be shy, spit out those crazy thoughts and let’s make something exciting out of it.